Accommodations at Mila 23

The hospitality at this establishment it's unique and you’ll get the chance to indulge yourself with some of the tastiest fish dishes. Sorin and his wife, Lili will make your vacation the best ever in a family environment where you will feel like home. If you want to fish, hunt, watch birds or just relax in a secluded spot, this is the place you want to be. Click on the link to get a fishing license online or Contact Us and we'll get the license for you so you can have it ready at the time you arrive to Pelikan's Shack. Click on the following link to see Transportation Options to Mila 23.

The House
Cantina entrance
Cantina entrance and private porch

Cantina and bar
House room

The Bar

Ladies' bathroom
Ladies' bathroom

Gentlemen's bathroom
Gentlemen's bathroom

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