Gourmet Romanian Cuisine

Although maintains its own character, the Romanian cuisine it's a very diverse blend of dishes with influences from several cuisines. However, the traditional fresh fish dishes which you can taste at the Pelican's Shack at Mila 23 in the Danube River Delta stand out and our gourmet chef will have them prepared for your delight.

Sorin, our chef, with a fresh capture of pike
Besides fish, our chef will cook for you also wild game and other meat, poultry, and vegetable dishes.

Deep fried assorted fish with red sauce
Crucian carp saramura known also as 'crusian carp in brine' or 'salted prussian carp'
Fish rassol
Smoked red eye (babusca) with rosemary and red dried chilly pepper flakes
Baked pike in tomato sauce
Breaded perca fillet
Stuffed pike before baking
Stuffed pike after baking
Fish pie made with pike and avat
Hot and sour fish soup
Hot and sour fish soup in cast-iron kettle known in Romanian language as 'ciorba de peste la ceaun'
Rotisserie split carp
Fresh baked bread
Wild boar with vegetables
Wild boar with vegetables
Wild boar with vegetables and rustic potatoes
Fire roasted young lamb chop with red beans

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